For 8 years we’ve been major shippers to the multiple grocery chains in the UK and Australia.


Lismore has enjoyed an unrivalled record in this specialised trade, with an average annual export volume of 4 million Litres, and a nil quality-rejection record. We are one of New Zealand’s leading bulk wine exporters. We are recognised by suppliers and customers to have a high level of credibility and integrity in all our dealings. Over the years, our wines have enjoyed massive sales under many of the best known house-brand labels promoted by the grocery chains we supply – particularly our Marlborough and Hawkes Bay Sauvignon Blanc.


Our model


Lismore procures substantial volumes primarily of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir directly from growers and a network of leading NZ wineries. Lismore takes ownership of all its wine, dispatching from contracted facilities in all the major wine-producing regions.


We are not negotiants – we are producers - our ownership of the wine ensuring the best purchase price and pre-shipment quality preparation and consistency of style, so crucial when supplying large volumes for export.


By specialising in this sector of the market, Lismore has forged a high reputation in the reliable supply of top quality wines for in-house brands. Today, somewhere in the vicinity of 45% of all international movements of wine are conveyed in bulk. It is by far the most efficient means of transport, not only for actual cost per litre, but also from a carbon footprint standpoint.


Our bulk shipments are conveyed most commonly in 24,000L Flexi-tanks or in 26,000L ISO tanks. Sauvignon Blanc is the synonymous brand of New Zealand, and is our highest volume export. We are shipping increasing volumes of Pinot Noir and also offer Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah.


ISO Tank


Contact our team

Graeme Thompson : Managing Director   Email graeme@lismorewines.co.nz      Mob +64 29 2979924


Lucy Hunt  :  Sales and Marketing               Email lucy@lismorewines.co.nz            Mob +64 21 130 9675


Caroline Paulden  : Administration             Email caroline@lismorewines.co.nz     Mob +64 27 625 5313

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