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Lismore Wines produces four of its own brands which have enjoyed success in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Australia and China. Our wines have been awarded numerous accolades and medals internationally.


Private Labels

Lismore Wines has gained a strong reputation as specialists in providing wine for private labels overseas. For 8 years we have successfully supplied multiple grocery chains in the UK and Australia. We ship in bulk to the destination country, to be bottled there, or we bottle private labels in New Zealand, exporting finished product to retailers in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.


Best-practice processes are applied in the production of our wines in order to reduce the carbon footprint and provide accountability and traceability. Paramount importance is placed on the long-term care of the soil and surrounding environment - sustainable winemaking from a clean green land.


The original two Lismore brands, Thatched Hut and Young Meg, reflect a long association with the southern farming tradition.


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In New Zealand's pioneering days, the first European settlers spread across the wide southern landscape to create homes using the building materials closest to hand - clay and straw to make cob cottages in the lowlands, or dark grey schist in the snowy mountain areas further south. For the roof they thatched together rushes from nearby rivers. It is from these pioneer homes that the Thatched Hut label takes its name.


For many years these thatched huts and cottages dotted the pastoral landscape, providing homes for the growing number of intrepid farmers attempting to tame this rugged land. Inseparable to each farmer was his loyal dog. One of these pioneering dogs was Young Meg, bred for her innate ability to herd large flocks of sheep or instinctively separate out a sick lamb or lame ewe for the farmer's attention.


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